Monday, December 28, 2009

What I am thinking now, it's saddens me!

Actually to be frank, there have been many circumstances where I would like to give out a thought of my mind but I restrain myself as there have already too many people commenting to the subject and another comment would just be another that will go unheard and ignore. But some just too important which needed to be voice out and be hear off.

Among them are the recent case of the 9 year girl that was strangle and found in the pond when after some day only the drunken mother turn up and identify the poor body of the unfortunate child (decease) .
I wonder why has the media tune down the news on this incident? Is it because there is other exciting new on others suffering that can make better headline? Or because there are other worst excuses they would like to use?

I also wonder why has no major politician like the controversial Nazri or skeptic Kit Siang or even the all denying Kaveas make any statement to make sure that the perpetrator/s is punish stern and harshly. Is it because that there is no political mileage on it or just simply that this happen to an Indian girl?
Well, I thing that all above it true as we as Malaysian has seen that as citizen of that wonderful country, there are may invisible lines that dictate what is good for the people and what is not. I in my belief that the media is in a majority fault for the cause of many if not majority social structural turmoil and undermining the need of the civilize civilization and society. Furthermore the media has forgotten the true meaning of journalism and compassionate reporting. Many would disagree but this is my thought and I believe that many more would agree as we ourselves are the judge and witness of this era.

Meanwhile, those who we elect to represent us in the house of parliament simply forgotten that they are the servant of the people (elected by) and paid by the people. Still they bicker among themselves and steal for under the nose of those who has put they trust on then to right what has been wrong and to be honest in the dealing with full of humility.

Thus, this is without saying that there are still some that are worthy enough to carry out they responsibility but it is a near impossible tasks.

Conclusion to which I in the beginning wanted to talk about ‘marriage’, we as citizen of this awesome country we call Malaysia need to rally together and be true to ourselves. We need to defend the treasure of this country, and the treasure that I referring to is … not petroleum, not gas, not gold nor rubber or timber but ‘the children’. Regardless of their religion, race or gender, we the adults must protect then from harm and fear. It is our responsibility in our own each special area may it be journalism, politic, police, defense services, civil services, public or privates sectors, medical, agriculture to the last bit of entity. For them to fall in harm, to miss out school and education, to be able to have food in their stomach, to have cloth on they body or even to have medical care are the responsibility not only on their parents but also onto the society which we call ourselves.

It saddens me to see much suffering day in day out which happen to our treasures. I have done what I can many times over, but I alone could not make waves on a sea of change nor could I make any movement to the boulder of transformation. Only with many-many more which understand this need that such proactive and provocative change can and able to take place. Change the government does not make the needed impact, but change in the way we think and making a bit of consideration when we act will change this country…. and maybe the world.