Wednesday, October 28, 2009

A Sad Incident in SK Kuala Dipang - Beberapa Peserta Perkemahan 1Malaysia Lemas

A sad, sad tragedy it is. what more sad is that i hear some quarters want to blame it on the children. That is a stupid, stupid thing to say. Children needs to be guided, monitor and protected with care and love. However or what ever happen it is always not the fault of the children in any smallest or simplest way. It is always the fault of the adults surrounding the events.

I pray that the 2 missing children is safe and sound, but if the worst is forthcoming, I hope that the families find closure and comfort when they are found. I am truly sad on this happening.

What really I want to talk about is on this incident as my personal thought. Unfortunate for the victims as they are from ethic Indian (or even if they are from the ethic Malay), as you can see that this news or the heat of this tragedy slowly die down in a fast way.

If those victims are from the ethic Chinese, I believe that the momentum and the after effect will be far bigger then the current response from the authorities. This is not saying that I want such incidents happen to any ethnicity, I personally hope non-such happening hapen to any children regardless of race, religion or gender. And to proof further, during my hajj pilgramige last year, my constant prayer to my GOD is for the safety and happiness to all children on the face of the earth.

What i am saying is, our Indian and also malay NGOs, political parties put their what they represent to a lower piority then what they own ambition or craze for power and money.

And I also notice that those who say they fight for all malaysia (not to accuse the chinese only)only have intrest to fight and protect ethic chinese interest and those that have political weightage. (Where is the fairness here? ) As this people, i believe personally that, they think that the chinese are the keys for they political or personnal agenda. Unfortunate for them, all people are important regardless what they are. This is what happen in the last General Election.
We should not see any people as a diffrent entity except as only human that needs to be help and given assistants.

May GOD look over Malaysia and help us in our daily life. Insya'Allah.