Monday, October 26, 2009

Beberapa Perserta Perkemahan 1Malaysia di Kapar lemas.

Angry! sad! furious! sympathy! this are some of the feeling I feel right now after reading and hearing on the news about the suspected 22 CHILDRENS, I reapet again CHILDRENS drown in kapar after falling from a hanging bridge.

About 300 students is attending a 'perkemahan' camping activities and during their walk to the camp for meal, the hanging bridge break (pecah)... BROKEN! what the hell man!.

first of all, we are a modernize country, and we want to become a 1s world country. what the stupid shit that we have a 'jambatan gantung' hanging bridge for a primiry school usage??? who f**king idiotic idea is this? is our childrens life worth shit to the power to be's and the power wannabe's?

secondly, what crap hanging bridge was build ? those sarawakian natives (no disrespect intended) can built a better and last much longger bridges. What crap contractor are we using?If I am somebody.... i will have your head for this. Somebody must be made an example out of it.

26 more or less teachers was there to supervise the camping? where the help are they? luckly there was 1 teacher and 1 security guard around at that time. came onlah, teachers! you guys need to be more proactive and very protective towards your students which are childrens under your care.

Oh! GOD, what is happening to this country of mine. One after another, the treasures of our country (childrens) are the one who become the victims of our own greeds, pride and sturbburnness.

And till now I am still waiting an act that stated mandatory capital punishment for those who kill, rape, kiddnap, torture and molest childrens. NONE! where are those whos say that they fight for justice or those whos say that they protect our right.. they all bolw wind.. and a hot wind it is.

signing off with heart full of temper and saddnes! I do feel for the parents. My prayers for safe return to all.