Tuesday, February 3, 2009

I Walk Alone

I walk alone…
Seeing the world as it is,
Dusts blown into my eyes,
A drop of tear, face with a smile.

I walk alone…
Facing the world, face on without fear,
With a heart so pure,
Leading the way so other could follow.

I walk alone…
Seeing my people and my country struggling for success and identity,
Doing my part as a citizen working hard to prove my existent,
Trying hard to show that it is not what others believe.

I walk alone…
In the world of rubbles and stones,
Surrounded by friends and foes,
Yet I’m not afraid to walk alone.

I walk alone…
Companion is not an option as I’m lonesome,
So there’s no tears will be drop or heart will be broken,
My heart is only for my true love,
He, I would give my life for…
He, who promise paradise,

As I walk alone...
Looking back with tear and sorrow,
For those I will miss and those who I will only leave,
As there is no promise of tomorrow,
I will wait in a place I pray will be heaven.

I walk alone…
To one true GOD I summit,
For eternal peace and forgiveness,
As the sun set, alone I walk toward the end of a journey into the life of the forever after,
Joyful knowing that time has come to meet the beloved one and to meet the one true and only creator,