Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Intention is good but the way is wrong - Supporting the Gazan Struggle againts Zionis Israeil

My dear friends,

'Intention is good but the way is wrong - Supporting the Gazan Struggle againts Zionis Israeil '

As seen above in my title here, you may wonder what do I mean by it? well let me elaborate it stright to the point.

We (most Malaysian-lah) usually easily sympathy toward those which is being oppressed by bigger force/s or those mostly the underdog with a justifiable cause such as the Palestinian.

O.K now coming back to what I trying to bring to you attention now is that, what we are doing currently in supporting the Palestinians which is a good thing as a Muslim or as ordinary human being. I do not want to discus further on the matter of the Palestinians struggle but rather more on which way we support them.

Let me give one example, I notice that one of the Islamic NGO that is supporting the cause is selling t-shirt which has the picture of Al-Suhadah Sheikh Yassin.
This is not good. Period..
This can promote ‘ujub’ or amaze to Sheikh Yassin by those who might wear it or look at it.
It is forbidden in ISLAM.

I would like to remind that that ‘Purpose do not give approval on the way of conduct’. We must have good intention which is supported with good process and conduct. No bad at any number make a good.

Another example I would like to bring to your attention is during protest.
Some protesters like to carry pictures of the Suhada's, the freedom fighters or even religious leaders.
This is also forbidden in ISLAM.

I would like also to note here that even 'PAS', as the 'Islamic' political party here, they must also look into the matter as I have seen that pictures of Tn. Guru Nik Aziz being printed as t-shirts, logos and bumper stickers. This is forbidden in ISLAM and those who are doing it must stop doing such activities.

This goes specially to those who announce that they are practitioner and follower of ISLAM.

As a muslim, we must know what we can do and can not do. For that one must keep on learning ISLAM as his or her DEEN and implement it in our way of life. We all must remember that.

I am sorry if my comments are too blunt or hurt anyone feeling. This is the truth and sometimes the truth hurts.

Peace to the World.