Friday, November 7, 2008

Oil Price Soaring down, Petrol Price Soaring Up. What is happening here?

As I write this article, the oil price per barrel is about USD 64 and the standard petrol price here in Malaysia is at RM 2.15. When the oil per barrel was at USD 140, our petrol price was increase by the government from RM 1.92 to RM 2.70. It was a killer at time when we can see that the world economy is slowly going down. Prices of foods and daily necessities shoot up to the ceiling, surely it was not felt by those who are feed by the golden spoon, walk on water and those who squeezed all the people for what they have. Let me make it clear here since race recently become an issue here in Malaysia, these people whom I spoke about are not the Malays nor they are the Chinese or the Indians, they even not the indigenous people. These whom I spoke about are those people who see neither colour of skin nor smell of kin. They plunder the wealth this earth and the riches of the people, those who taken advantage of all things. They may be from the smallest traders to the suppliers next to the tycoon up to the public servants soaring go up until even the leaders of the country. The average people of my country have some what affected due to the price of petrol change. The affect vary from people to people, ‘those who have’ are affected a bit and ‘those who have not’ affected more.
Coming back to my title of this 2cent, what I would like to share is that on the result of this up and down of petrol price which is making the majority of the people as victims.

As what you notice that when our petrol price raised to RM 0.78 at a shot, most petrol station vendors make a lot of money that day. Now, when the oil per barrel has drop more then half, still the petrol price stay at the current state with minimal changes. We had already 3 time petrol price being reduce to now RM 2.15 which I personally believe that it does not reflex the true price which we should be having.
Another thing is that, we see that these petrol station vendors told the government to not to reduce the priceing very much as they don’t want to incur losses. This was supported by the ‘bagaikan lalang’ minister. I thought is that, hey! They had they profit already during the sudden petrol price increase, why make not when price go down? U win some, u loss some. Other thing is that why this minister so busy defending this mere couple of hundred vendors comparing the millions of rakyat?

What also that I can see is that the price of our daily essentials also has not gone down, for example if before you can get your tehtarik for RM 0.80 to RM 1 but after the petrol price jack-up the price of tehtarik is about RM1.20 to RM1.40, but after 3 time price goes down, tehtarik price remain the same. Believe me if I told you that If before at petrol price of RM2.70 tehtarik is at RM1.20 and still remain when price goes down at RM2.15. But if he price of petrol goes up to RM2.30 or RM2.40, trust me that tehtarik also will go up to RM1.30 or RM1.40. This is how the traders, peddlers, vendors and tycoon play us all.

From what I understand is that there is no government control to reduce or increase the necessities and essential products pricing when control products price goes down or control products goes up. So I guess this is what we call open market and the product is to sell of the buyers dry.

One other thing that’s bother me is that, when oil per barrel was at USD 140 our petrol price was at RM 2.70 which the government said that they are giving a subsidy of RM0.30 per-liter. Now when the oil per-barrel is at USD 60 and petrol price is at RM 2.15, does that mean that we are still on subsidies term or all this time we have been taken for a ride? To me this mean that the price of petrol is much more expensive now then when it was at RM2.70 if we compare it between the oil barrels prices against the retail petrol price. Logically we are paying double the price of retail petrol price for a barrel comparing previously even thought the retail price has gone down of RM0.55 between the last couple of month. This really puzzles me looking at it directly. I believe that we have been paying much-much more for petrol and subsidies are all nonsense. There is someone or somebody out there which is making tones of money out of the suffering out our people. I don’t know who and I don’t know why but I know they are out there praying on us small fry’s, day-in and day-out uncheck and unchallenged.

There are many thing needs to be corrected in this country but with these vampires (as I call these people) roaming out there knowing all the loopholes and short-cut corners, it will be a long cold winter before we see sunlight.

My 2cents above maybe drifting around or a bit too loosely, but the point I am making here is that no matter who you are, what car you drive or what people you know or even where you live, you are all users and if even you are those who doing this taking advantage on the situation, you also will be affected as you alone could not be a sole provider and producer in your whole circle of life. As the wheel turn, as you pray on people, there will be a time where other people will pray on you.

Solution is, let us all be honest, truthful and mindful to others who ever they are hoping other which we will meet will do the same.