Friday, October 24, 2008

Race againts time - Mekah, here I come. Insha'Allah

Last Saturday afternoon I took my parents to the 'Kursus Haji Perdana' (Haji Primier Course) in Putrajaya. It started at 2.30pm and ended the next day (Sunday) 12.30pm. It was awesome!!! really a thrilling experience.

When we arrived in putrajaya parking space near the Ministry of Finance office, we was usher to board a bus to the Masjid Putrajaya. There we registered ourselves according to 'Maktab'. I and my father was in Maktab 79, the last maktab and my mother was in maktab 74. Then we enter the masjid and performed Zohor prayer while waiting to start the course at 2.45pm. While waiting, me and my father were asked to change into our Ihram, actually all the male participants was asked to change into their Ihram. we did that and awaited inside the masjid according to maktab.

The Ustaz later give a briefing that we are going to performed a 'umrah' (practical). We were going to tawaf around a model kabbah and also to do saie. we the maktab 79 was the last to join in the tawaf. During tawaf, my father could not continue as he is not able to walk long distand and in fast paces, in Mekah insha'Allah, he will be using a wheelchair that I will push to performed tawaf and saie. I took my father aside for him to rest and asked him to wait there while I performed the practical tawaf and saie.

I completed both and then I went to look for my father. He was not at the place I left him nor the place where we put our back, I walk all over to find him and even asked the Tabung Haji staff to assist, luckily I found him, he when to the gent. Then we when to perform Asar prayer.

Later we we told to get ready to be transported to the Uniten Masjid. Here the ustaz inform that he wanted us to virtualized how from the parking lot where we were took to the Putrajaya Masjid resemble where we will be transported maybe from Jeddah or Madinah to Mekah, from here we will be performing Umrah or Haji. Then from here we will be transported to the Uniten Masjid which to resemble the movement from Mekah to Arafah, Mudzalifah and Mina. He asked us to try to get the feeling.

After We change back to our original cloth, we waited according out Maktab to be transported to the Uniten Masjid.

We arrive to the masjid come near to Maghrib, about near to 7pm. There we get ready to perform Maghrib prayer, once completed it was the official launching of the course by Datuk Ahmad Zahid Hamidi, Minister of the Prime Minister Office. Me and my father had our dinner while listening to the launching speech. Then after the speech, we all performed Isyak prayer, after the prayer we had a forum with panel by Datuk Hassan Din Al-hafiz and Datuk Kamaruddin. It was very educational and interesting. The session was in a leisure environment which make it easy to listen and make us understand it better. After the forum, we had a teh break before going to sleep.
At 2.45am I wake up to get ready for Qiamulai, it was schedule to start at 4am. Why I wake up early it because just to beat the crowed for the rest rooms, well all the others beat me for it.

As I got ready and standing by to start qiamulai which will be lead by Ustaz Zulkarnain Hamzah. I read the book about performing Haji. We started at 4am until after Subuh prayer. It was really a great event. After that we had our breakfast and then we told to get into our Ihram as how were were going to be sent to mekah to perform Throwing at Jamrah, tawaf and saie. We got the last bus ride as we first give way to others.

Then we were sent back to Masjid Putrajaya where we were shown how to throw at all the jamrah and do both tawaf and saie. My father did not follow as it was a far walk and he is not up to it to walk that far meanwhile, I only did the jamrah throw but skip tawaf and saie, because it was late already and briefing had already started. I believe that I need to listen to the briefing rather then doing the tawaf and saie as I've did it already yesterday.
After the briefing, we were allowed to go home after taking some goodies which was sponsor by various companies and cooperation’s. It was great.

I then meet up with my father and mother. I walk over to get the car as the busses will be a long wait and the weather is sooring hot. I thought it was a short walk, but in-fact it was a long walk. I got the car and when to pickup my parents. A way we when back to our house and awaiting the real trip to Mekkah.