Thursday, October 23, 2008

Life has it's end.

Today, 23 Syawal 1429 @ 23 October 2008 a neighbor of mine which I have known for about 14 years passed away due to stomach problem.

I was a sad day as I see my father lost a friend, a neighbor and a talking partner.
Pak Cik Hashim was a kind and friendly man, He was 75 years old. Leaving behind a loving wife and long line of family members which will truly miss him. We, his neighbors will always remember his as a good muslim and a wonderful neighbor.

I have miss him already….

With this I will like to say my prayer to God, Allah S.W.T, received this loveable soul with full of love and care. Please forgive his sin and give him a comfortable place to stay until the day of judgment. Oh! Allah, the only true God, creator of the universe and all living thing. Please have mercy on this soul and to all the soul of all muslim. Amin.