Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Avatar The last Airbender - The Cartoon Series

Best Cartoon series I have seen in this couple of years, Avatar the Last Airbender.
The last episode has ended with the episode of Comet Sozin.
Awesome series. In Malaysia, Cartoon Channel Network under Astro Broadcasting has only aired season 1 and 2, there is now news about season 3 yet. Unfortunately, Season 3 has been aired in other parts of the world.
This is a very well crafted series, I encourage people to watch it. Awesome man, just awesome.

My hat off to the creator, the animators and all team members of Avatar. May you guys create a better masterpiece.

To those who haven watched any of Avatar cartoon series, do watch it. I recommend it fully. If is full of fun and adventure cater for all walk of life.