Thursday, October 16, 2008

WELCOME TO MALAYSIA - Tragedy of the Plentong Tengah Village, Johor. 16 October 2008

On 16th October 2008, there was a stand-off between the people (villigers) of Kampung Plentong Tengah (about 300 families) againts the developer Bukit Lenang Sdn. Bhd.

Bukit Lenang Sdn. Bhd. was assisted by the police force to forcefully disperse the people who have stayed about 30 years (2-3 generation).
Some facts to ponder about:
The village inhabited by about 2,400 people.
About 500 people was present to protes againts this action
A total of about 537 police personnels were involve in this incident. (more police that the people? that doesn't count the develper people and their gang)
27 people was arrested under Section 186 of the Penal Code.
Many other villigers was injured durring the scuffle.
24 allege empty houses were demolished.
Another operation is planned to be conducted on the 29 October 2008.

Before we can pass judgement, first we must understand the history of Kampung Plentong Tengah. Below are the chronicles of events collected for the net: -
1985 villagers’ explore the land which is a thick forest after the land offices acknowledge that the land is not owned by anyone.
1986 Villagers apply for the right of the land but now it is own by Mosbert Company.
1987 The land change hand to Jet Ace Co. Later to Oakfield.
1989 The villagers’ loss to Oakfield in JB High Court with orders to vacant the land.
1990 In the try to get the Sultan help, the villagers were cheated of RM 18,000.00 by the ‘middle man’.
1991 On the elected representative suggestion the villagers created a fund to buy the land from Oakfield.
1993 Advance payment from the fund of RM 417,307.93 we swindle by the lawyer.
1993 Oakfield demolished a few houses. Again on the instruction of the elected representative the villagers hid themselves in the jungle. Later the villagers spend about RM 22,000.00 to release 1 villager that was arrested because arrested by police.
1993 On the advice of the lawyer, the villagers adsorb the cost of sending a representative to Philippine to request the international donation.
1993 Villagers won against Oakfield in KL appeal court which over-rule the JB high court. 1994 Oakfield agreed to sell the land to the villagers. Selling and buying process begin.
1994 Villagers loss RM 820,000.00 to Oakfield via the lawyer firm J. Sing & Co.
1995 TNB supply electrical to the village.
1996 Bukit Lenang Development Sdn. Bhd. Took over the land from Oakfield even when the buying process in underway. The developer offer compensation for the villagers to move. The villagers did not take the offer as they feel that the value was not right.
1997 Villagers made a police report against Oakfield who sold the land when the process of buying is underway.
1997 Bukit Lenang sue the villagers. Bukit Lenang rejected the suggestion on compensation.
1997 Villagers made a signature campaign and sent a letter to the Chief Minister with the support of the Jawatankuasa Sokongan Peneroka Bandar (JSPB).
1998 Villagers lose in the JB high court but they still appealed.
1999 Government of Johor granted land to village of Bukit Dagang to those villagers.
2000 Bukit Lenang conducted forceful eviction. The villagers successfully defended their house.
2000 The villagers won the case in the K.L Appeal Court.
2002 Villagers lose in the JB high court.
2007 Villagers lose in the Putrajaya Appeal Court.
2008 Bukit Lenang received court order.
2008 October: The judge gave a letter to the lawyer informing that he will be on leave and will review the case again on the 29 October 2008. Bukit Lenang Development dismissed the letter and declare forceful eviction on the 16 October 2008 with pretext to destroy the allege empty houses.
2008 October 16: The villagers assemble peacefully by 8am. The authorities setup roadblock and try to discuss with the villagers. The lawyer representing the villagers arrives and objects on the way Bukit Lenang Development not complying with the court order which is to wait until 29 October. Bailiff Bukit Lenang Dev. Mention that they got unwritten court order to enter and demolish the houses. Situation became unstable whereby the police forcefully force the villagers to disperse. Villagers’ did not move and force was applied. The authorities enter the village with the bulldozers and destroy the empty houses at 11.45am.

What come to mind is why is police force used in this activity? and why did police use force?
Why that there was so many rules by court? is Malaysia law not right enough for a court to make a decission?
Where was the people ellected representative from MCA?
Where was the UMNO reperestative which UMNO has a branch over there?
The villagers was cheated so many time but what has the goverment do for them?

There are so many questions... but again biggest question is what the cow did the police force doing overthere with force?
if it is an eviction matter, if I have a tenent renting my house and have defaulted payment sooo many month and I want to evict them, will the police help forcefully evict them? I figure not.

Why there is double standard in the police force in protecting the people? is there a rule where here is how you protect the rich and here is how you protect the poor?

If you see the villagers, that are family people where they have their children and their property for so many years which has noway else to go to be destroy, try putting your feet in their shoes. I believe that you also will fight for it.

It is sad to see children crying due to this episode and the crulty of the police force. What if this happen to you? will you now stand still and only become a bystander or a part of the solution?

I believe that in ISLAM, muslim have the right to protect their home and property especially their family.

This is what happen when you have elected leaders which fight for richest and wealth for themselves and their cronies, not for the rights, prosperity and harmony fo the people and the nation.

Macam biasalah.. 'oh! Malaysiaku' kera dihutan disusukan, anak dirumah mati kelaparan.Rakyat sendiri dihalau dan dihambat, pendatang pula yg ada banglo,dapat tanah dan dapat kerakyatan.
Sebabnya kerana kebanyakan orang kita tak pilih kepimpinan dari segi tuntutan Islam tapi dari segi secularisma.
Penindasan dan ketidakadilan akan terus berleluasa, hanya Islam yang dapat mencerahkan zaman.
Seperti kisah bangsa sioux, orang asli Amerika Utara yang telah ditipu tanah mereka oleh kerajaan dari dahulu hinggalah sekarang. Tiada perubahan walaupun zaman berubah dan kerajaan berubah. Semua kerana tamak haloba dan nafsu serakah manusia.

ISLAM memberi penyelesaian dalam hal ini, mendidik manusia menjadi insan yang boleh mengetahui, mengenal dan menjaga hak-hak diri sendiri, keluarga, masyarakat dan negara dengan sempurna, Insha'Allah.