Wednesday, October 15, 2008

My AidilFitri 1429

As 16th days has passed from 1 Syawal which mark the celebration of AidilFitri, the day of victory in waging war against own-self.

For this year Aidilfitri, I celebrated it in Kuala Pilah, Negeri Sembilan. The home town of my parents, the house of my grandparents.
It was a celebrated day with fire-crackers and fire-works dominate the few days in between.

My children went back earlier together with my parents on Monday, on Tuesday afternoon me and my wife make our move to kuala pilah on the way we dropby to my grandmother place in Seremban, she is the mother of my father. We stay there and breakfast together with her. At that time also that she told me that she is interested in a small refrigerator something like in the hotel room. This is for her to keep any food in it. Actually, me and my wife when out for awhile to Giant Seremban to find if there is any there, yes there was but it is to small and not suited for my grandmother. So after buying food for break-fast, we when back to my grandmother and told her that we will source it out in Kuala Lumpur.

On the morning of Aidilfitri, most of us went to the town masjid for the AidilFitri prayer. The masjid was full pack which I believe that the masjid caretakers underestimate the turnout. Why do I say that is because that the top section of the masjid was also full. Slight unfortunate was that the top section was not clean properly. I believe that the caretakers did not aspect this much of turn-out.

Well after the prayer and the kuthbah, we when and visited my aunt in sawah lebar. The food that was awesome. Then we when back to my grandparents house which is located in kampong dioh area.

Well this time around we are having shortage of water problem, this is a big bumper. As all know we need water for drinking, washing, cooking and taking bath. Unfortunately, we have to restrict the bathing part. Hahaha. At one point, we went to the KEMAS complex to take bath as the water for bath has dry-out.

On the first day of Aiditfitri, we were visited by my cousins among many others that come for raya celebration visit.

On second and third day, I was visited by an ex-colleague of mine and her family which was also my fire-works supplier and by one of my closet friend and his sisters with their families. Thank you for your visit, I am very happy for the visit and do come again.

We also had barbeque session on the first night and second day of AidilFitri. It was fun and the children were running around with fire-cracker. Fun-time.

On Sunday, we make our move back to our house. Along the way, we drop by to visit my pak & mak ngah (older brother of my father), my grandmaother in seremban (mother to my father), uncle baha & Mama ‘orang’ (younger sister to my father) and Acek & mak Cek (younger brother to my father). During this visit to Acek house, I got an idea where for my grandmother (seremban, as I have anotherone in Kuala Pilah which is the mother of my mother) small-refrigerator, we the grandchildren will pool up collect the money and buy her one. I believe that if we do that, she be more happier that for me or any one person to go and buy her one. Everyone can contribute. Well this I have entrusted to my cousin Hafeez to do the coordination.

Luckily this time around coming back to Kuala Lumpur we did not face major traffic jam. We arrive safety in the evening of the Saturday.