Friday, September 12, 2008

To those who think that they are the pioneer of Islamic Financing - a word of advice

I would not say what finance institution it is or where it is located or what ever that can be associate to 1 single entity simply because to safe face.
The one single this that i have to say about it is, not to complaint or saying bad things about it but only to advise this institution to not forget it's root and why it was founded.
This institution was built to help promote Islamic financing and also to help the ummah as their customers and also their member of the organization. This is the place where Muslim can grow themselves.

I again hope that this institution do not forget it's root and purpose of existence. If it still is on it path, it has been true to it's founders and true to the ummah. If it has deflected, those who are the captain of the ship should maneuver it back to it's original course but if it's have deflected and drifted with no effort to bring it back to it;s original path, it is heading for doom. I pray for that it never forgets.
Just remember when religion is being used, used it for the goodness. As God punishment is unimaginable.

Peace to the world.