Sunday, September 14, 2008

The Satellite TV

Here in this country, we have this satellite TV which provides us with hundreds of channels but you need to pay for the services. It is the only one made accessible and available to most of the people.
And what do you know… I also am a subscriber of their services, and I am among the earliest subscriber to their services.
This company is the ‘numuro uno’ for the providing satellite TV channels for this country of mine, they have been doing this for a number of years.
But from all this, their services are questionable.
Currently, I am having this box which they call is ‘Astro Max’ it was suppose to do recording and preset recording of shows so that when we have free time, we can watch it. Unfortunately, this box, like to ‘hang’ and pause as and when it please. I have to restart is by shutting off the power for awhile and start it back again. This has been going on for awhile now but recently I could not do any recording and so I thought it was the power again. And after numerous days of trial, it still fail to record and preset shows.
So what I did was I log a call with Astro support service.. and what do you know, You have to pay that call yourself. That was very good of astro right. I did that call somewhere at end of August, what had happen was a ding dong, waiting long hours for responds and call back and I had to do that for a few more calls until on last Saturday (13 sept 08’) A technician came and do some repairing and replace one of the module in the ‘Astro Max’ It took astro fro 14 to 16 days to solve my problem.further more I had to pay the tech guy RM 50 for coming over and RM 95 to change the module.
This is what you get for becoming an astro subscriber and not just any astro subscriber, among the earliest subscriber. Customer loyalty does not ring any bell in their customer service.
Well what we to do; only to complain as this is the only available service that we have. Monopolistic goes a long way.

We do thanks our Government for that. Thank you very much.... peh!