Monday, September 15, 2008

The PEST of IT World

Do you know what PEST is in the IT world?
Pest in IT world is those users that know a little bit of IT stuffs and think that he or she knows all about IT and starts questioning and telling IT guys on what to do. They are the PEST of IT World.

These people actually know a little bit about IT after reading, watching and listening about it on magazines, TV and other types of media. And they think that what they know IT enough for them to become an IT savvy guy. That is a full of macaroni squat, pardon my language.
These people are nuisance of the IT World, and they are everywhere. Most of them are in the users seats but there are some who are holding high post in the IT department or division. Reason being is, these people know how to talk… or in simple term is they know how to bullshit. Unfortunately, most top post in any company or agencies are easily conned and amazed by this people when they start to talk about IT and started coming out with IT jargons. But, in actual fact is, IT jargons is only a jargons and nothing more. It is only used by IT guys to identify stuff and shorten long or very long IT term s and I believe most IT guys uses this term/jargons freely and don’t remember the full word of it. I believe that this is normal because when you get you to something, it becomes a norm to you and you tend to accept it as part of your body or brain reflex.

Another thing about this pest is, they usually think they are good in IT when they started installing 1 application or maybe windows XP on their PC or even building a PC it self. Please try to remember that IT or technology is not about PC or application, it is more a diversity of things such as how do you manage your data and produce usable and decision making result. IT is also about the system integrating with the O/S and application producing optimum result and acceptable bandwidth utilization. I could go on and on but than, we are not talking about what is IT all about.

I, myself have many encounter with this PEST of IT world. But for this story I will tell you about this guy I meet, luckily he is no IT boss of any one (but the way we talk, I believe that he will be one day). This guys is a senior user that think he know IT and start talking to me about IT stuff and always in between he add in some jargons to show-off to me so that I think he is an IT savvy guy and every time he did that I can see his face changing to those semi ‘action’/’kaisu’/ ‘proud’ style. I was feed up with it and I nearly puke because, when ever I try to explain back to him, he will produce same jargon and topic again and again… with that I know that this guys is the PEST of IT world. So what I did was let him talk and then say goodbye, why? To my experience, this type of people don’t really care and want to hear what other people opinion is because he/she has made up his/her mind and think that what he/she knows is the whole IT world.
I do believe that you guys have also in one time or another come across with this type of person.

With that in-mind, when you see some guys (or IT bosses) coming out with a lot IT jargons, not listening to other opinion and shooting off his or her tini-winiee IT knowledge … beware! Be very very careful as He or she may be ‘The PEST of IT World’.