Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Change the Goverment? Change the World? Change the people!

This person want to change this, that person want to change that, another person don’t want to change anything then 1 group want this, that group want that, other group wants everything… What the cow man? Does anyone out there really looking into what we the rakyat(people) really want? I think not.
Why do I say this? well it is elementary my dear Dr. Watson. What we really want is safety. Do we have that? Maybe most of us will say yes… but the actual fact is not. Let me ask some question and see your answers if then you can say it is safe, well… you got me there hehehe..
Question 1, Do you fell safe when you are walking alone at night? Or even in a small group?
Question 2, Do you feel safe when your kids are in a public places?
Question 3, Do you fell safe in your house without checking the doors and widows lock a couple of time before going to bed?
Question 4, when you leave for work, do you worry about your kids safety?
Question 5, Do you feel safe and secure when walking/passing thru a different races/group/nationality area?
Question 6, Do you feel safe for your children in school?
(well I got tones of questions but let it be at 6 because, if not my blog will be full with answer that is ‘NO’ hohoho) If you answer all above ‘NO’, how can you say that we are now living in a safe environment, It may look and seem safe to the naked eyes but the real fact is safety is one of our main concern and requirements.
Safety! This issue has not being answer or attended by those people that say they are doing everything for us or fighting for our right. All of them are full of @!#%$&.
What we actually need are people like Khalifah Harun Al-Rashid, Mother Terresa, Mahatma Gandhi, Sultan Zainal Abidin and many more that have put people interest in front of their as because there are leader of people. What we have now here are leaders that is living of the people. Check out their lifestyle and compare with those true leaders of the people which everyone interest is look into again not like our leaders (when I say leaders, I mean those who hold position in all places either govt, non-govt, anti-govt, NGO etc) who only attended to their direct race/group/nationality and dismiss other rights.
So what I purpose is change the people to change the world to have better leader which will lead better government.
This is my 2cent.
p/s: Prophet Muhammad S.A.W is one of the best example for all. Believe it even if you won’t, World has acknowledge it..