Thursday, September 18, 2008

Akta Hubungan Kaum?

Race Relationship Act? what do I think about it?

I believe that this is an act that is worth to be look at but it is not the right act to be review. Why? Well this is my thought.
Is there any problem with the relationship between the races here in Malaysia? I personally don’t think so, to me the problem is not in the race or gender of a person but more toward the attitude of a person. This is the main contribution to society problems.
What we need to do is first change people attitude then we relook on the race relationship issue.
Let me elaborate, I have best-est of friends from Malays, Chinese, Indians, Mix and foreign it goes also to my mentors, those who I look up to and have high respect, they are from various races.
This very best-est friends of mine, I love them as they are part of me. But how can I do that when they are different races from me? Well this is what those good-for-nothing politicians and those who live under a coconut shell will say but I love them because when I am with them, I do not see skin colors or different faces, what I see is my own-selves, an extension of myself you could say.
But I do get angry with some Chinese, some Indians, some mix, some foreign and even some Malays not because of what or who they are but because of their attitudes. It is usually the attitude of non-tolerances, hard-headed, egoistic, look down on people, big talker and many more which is cause of problems. We as asian at the beginning we a very harmonize and tolarance bunch but now in the tech advancement and fast media services, we tend to change to become more aggresive when even we feel stress or angry. Stress and angry is a normal state that everyone has and can be controlable, but once this state being injected day to day with aggresive, sex, vi olence and bad moral viewing... it become a monster.

Now, talking about attitude changes, how to go about it? Well among many things we can change are the things that people watch. There is a need to control what people are viewing, take for example the monopolistic satellite TV. Well just look at what they are providing! it seem like they like to promote bad moral and behaviours. They keep on providing sex, violence, aggresive and bad moral viewing without guidence to the viewer. Don't they have sense of responsibility? If not then it is for the authority to control them. All TV companies must produce more documentaries, R n D, educational, good Moral stories and all that is good only. Then the govt must start their propaganda machine to start preaching about all the good morals and behaviors. All media must be force to produce and promote good morals and exemplary behaviors.

Because currently, there is to many sex, violent , aggresive and bad example is being shown on all the media. Which subconsciously people is somehow whatsoever following it as part of their daily life. Well, what people see is what people do..right?!

Next, what we need is stern and decisive deterrent punishment for all offenders. This must be publicizes to all, this will help to ensure that people are more keen to be in their best moral and behavior standing.

In sum, to change the people for better, first we must change what people watch and read. If people are being feed with good moral and behavior, Insha’Allah people can live harmonize with everyone and everything. When that happens, races only reflect to the culture and tradition that diversify and colour the way we live which is accepted and appreciated by others. Why? At that time, everyone will be tolerance to one another and respect each other boundaries.

Sometime I believe that, some politicians and subversive agents actually want to ensure that there is no peace and harmony within this beautiful country.

For all above, I believe that the reviewing of race relationship act due to the current situation must first be look in a bigger angle and not to a specific area. Most time fire does not start by fire itself but by the present of heat and fuel.

Think about it!