Sunday, September 21, 2008

Race against time – The Trail to Haji

On Friday evening I was told by my father that my uncle gotten a letter from Tabung Haji indicating that he has been successful in his application to performed Haji this year. My father has asked me to check it out on his and my mother status as they have also applied earlier then my uncle.
Today, I went to Tabung Haji counter and check on the status of myself and parent applications. Both of my parents application is successfully except me.

Back track a little bit… last year my parent and my uncle and auntie had registered themselves with Tabung Haji to perform Haji. I was supposed to do so also, unfortunately I was having some tightness with my cash flow, and it was very tight. Thankfully by early-mid this year I had manage to cough-up some dough for me to register myself with Tabung Haji and attach myself with my parent application and today I have enough for me to make the trip.
Unfortunately, my name is not in the approved list.

Coming back to the current situation, after this morning information stating that my parents are in and I’m out. I have written a letter address to the 30th floor Tabung Haji where the department of Haji handling is located. My letter indicated my plea for me to be included in this pilgrimage to perform Haji and also to assist both my parents.
Why am I really keen in going with my parents is because both my parents are not in their best health status and with I’m around, I hope that I could assist them both in anyway possible.
I hope with God Al-Mighty grace that I am able to go with my parents to perform Haji and to also serve that as a son should do.
With this turn of event, I have now reconsider leaving this company for a much better pay and opportunity because if I were to be given the change by Allah Al-Mighty then I believe that taking Haji leave with the new company will be impossible. But if I am not given the opportunity to perform Haji with my parents, I have let go a really good career opportunity. Anyway, Insha’Allah Allah The Compassionate will surely have planned what best for me. It is for me to work for it.
Now it is a race against time, to whether I will follow them on not as the call for Haji is just around the corner.
I have submitted a letter to Tabung Haji 30th floor and also I have given an appeal letter to a friend contact in Tabung Haji. What more I need to do, ah! Yes, seek for more assistants. Do not fade away in the darkness of the night but go out with a bang. It is the way of the warrior.

The result will be in 2 weeks time after Aidilfitri. Then we will see.

Pray for my success…