Monday, September 22, 2008

MOREH – Tradition, Religion or Fiction?

Thou should not do wastage as it is the devil way.
Thou should eat when hungry but stop before feeling full.
Providing for the poor and the needy is the task of all Muslim. Providing them to break-fast will give you the same good deed as they have fast.

Moreh is a sort of tradition done here in our country during the month of Ramadan. How it is done? Well it is a night snack of a sort from light to heavy food; it is taken within the compound of the ‘surau’, ‘Mussollah’or ‘Masjid’ after the terawikh prayer. It is done voluntarily by the kariah (members of the congregation) either per-person or in togetherness. This is what we call ‘gotong royong’.

If you read my title, you may ask why do I mean about it. Well it is simple, I would like to elaborate ‘moreh’ on my eyes.

I believe that moreh is an ibadah which is similar on doing good deeds, I do believe that moreh create the atmosphere of solidarity among the kariah and most of all I do believe that moreh is a tradition that is created for the goodness among the people. But…..

In this month of ibadah and the month that is own by God, is moreh relevant? I personally think that it is doing more damage that good. Let me explain.

Do we need moreh on everyday after terawikh prayers? The answer is no. not at all, this is the month of ibadah and filling the tummy will increase the chances of not performing tahajud and qiamulai.

Is moreh relevant? The answer is still no, reason is it is suggested and recommended for us to offer food for people to break-fast and to feed the poor and helpless. There is not mentioning that for us to give food for those who performed terawikh. To do it once a while to promote ‘gotong royong’ is recommendable but then is the food is for those who can and living in lavishness? NAY! It is not. RAMADAN is also the month for the unfortunate and the poor.

Moreh nowadays has becoming a trend for people to promote themselves; this may invite mazmumah into our heart. People will try to out do one another in providing moreh, this is not what Islam preach and this can also cause wastage. God and our beloved prophet do not like wastage especially when there are people like our neighbor or even relative who are in need and should have been help by the cost of preparing the moreh.

Among the identity of Syaitan are wastage and lavishness which we should have shown in the month of RAMADAN as God has restrain them for disturbing the sons of Adams. This should mean that for this month of RAMADAN we should have been doing more ibadah such as prayer, recital of the Quran, Sadaqah, helping the helpless and the poor, zikir, fulfilling the duties whether in work, organizations or at home and most importantly is to be true to ALLAH Al-Mighty in doing all the ibadah as a true worshiper does. If we still promote the identity of the syaitan, then that reflects on the teaching of syaitan has embaded in our heart. They way to remove it is to fight it, to do what you fear to do such as sadaqah and give away what you what and have to those who are in need.

Remember! Morah is a good tradition, it is likable by the religion because what it’s promote, but it is subside by the wajib and the wajib is to ensure that by doing moreh, we do not promote wastage and ‘ujub’ (proud and admire oneself) , we have done our duties as muslim to ensure the poor and those who are in needs in the area and closes area has been provided especially for them to perform fasting, break-fast and ibadah. With the providing of moreh, we must also ensure that it will not be the cause for our kariah not to unable to perform tahjud and qiamulai.

Summarizing it, I believe that ‘MOREH’ is a tradition that we can do without. It is not a religion rites but a mere option which can create good deeds if do it but do not cause bad deeds if leave it and it become a fiction to most people which egger awaiting RAMADAN for the sole purpose in doing MOREH, these people is trying to do good thing in which missing the important purpose of RAMADAN.

There a millions if not billions of poor and needy people that need our help as we are lucky enough to be affordable in our live. REMEMBER! In every earning you got, there is a portion for them. REMEMBER AND DELIVER.

This is a reminder to myself which I like share to all if it can be useful, as we Malays ‘mudah lupa’.