Friday, September 12, 2008


Is firework (mercun) illegal? I don’t think so, why? Well if it is illegal that why in heaven name do we have international fireworks competition?
Let me give an example, if dadah (drugs) is illegal, do we have drugs using competition? Of course not. To me it is o.k. to use firework as long as it is not being dismantle and change into other type of homemade mercun.. or more likely homemade bomb.
But! hey what do I know... the Govt said it is illegal, so it is now.

Then others would talk about righteousness in moral and religious manner. Yes! It is a noise maker and it was created as a noise maker and yes also it can be consider as waste of money. But, if it is manage properly the above is overwritten which make it all o.k. to me.

On another site, as a culture in this country. Every coming of AidulFitri and AidulAdha, the Malay will light up the house with ‘pelita’ (oil-lamp), this is a tradition where in the wee days where street light was not available, parents will light up the road with this pelita so that their children coming back in the night to celebrate AidulFitri will have ease in finding their way and in some parts of the country or I would say in some part of this country malay muslim people, they will say that the pelita is to light up the path way for the angels to visit them during lailatulqada (this is another matter to be elaborate)… what low mentality does these people have. With above in mind, I am saying that the pelita business is ‘HARAM’ unless it is being use to light the pathway for ease of family members coming back to ‘Kampung’ (hometown). Why it is haram, it is mimicing the hindu celebration of light and also the idea of angles need the light. As of that, mercun is better of the pelita because mercun is a adaptation of the Chinese culture not religion.
This is my 2cent and it is suppose to make you ponder.