Wednesday, September 10, 2008

11 September 2008.
It has been 3 days past my birthday, I feel that as older you get the less thrilling it feel. I just like to keep it to myself and let the day pass without anybody noticing it. Luckily, my wife brought me a cake and a shirt as my birthday present. Well that's work of course, I did feel rejuvenated for a while until I realize that I am now 35 years old, oh! man... time flies so fast.
Today also mark the 7th year remembrances of the worst attack on US soil. To-date there is still mystery clouding the event.

Today also is the 11th day Muslim fast during the day and we do it for the whole month of Ramadan. This is a special month that being look forward too by many Muslim all around the world. This month is also known as the purification month.

May my Muslim brothers and sisters have the completeness of Ramadan.

In this holiness of month, I pray to God for a world with no war, hunger nor poverty and all children are full protected by the people and all the governments in this one world we have.

Peace to all and care others as you want other to care for you.