Monday, September 29, 2008

Goodbye my dear Ramadan, welcome back Syawal

Oh! My dearest RAMADAN, you are now departing us.
Oh! How you will be miss dearly, my dearest RAMADAN,
Until the moon turns and turns many more times shall we meet again,
Oh! RAMADAN, I fear that this is maybe my last time we are together,
I hope that it is untrue and I will see thee once again yet another time,
Oh! RAMADAN, I long for thee all year around,
By ALLAH the Most Compassionate and Most Grace, please grant me once more chance to be with RAMADAN.
Welcome! Welcome! Welcome! SYAWAL,
Thy bring joy and happiness, thy bring Aidil-Fitri, the day of the victorious,
OH! SYAWAL, thy carry many names of happiness which for all to share,
Oh! SYAWAL, the celebration for a victorious month fought againt inner-self in RAMADAN.
I am glad for good tide things thy bring,
The idea of sharing, giving and clebrating with all muslim alike,
rich or poor, young or old has their share in Aidil-Fitri,
All is only for one purpose and it is to submit to one GOD.
By ALLAH the Most Compassionate and Most Grace, please grant me the will and strengh to share what I have with my muslim brothers and sister to make their Aidil-fitri as meaningful as it is to me.

Pandu cermat, jiwa selamat
Supaya dapat bergembira dengan keluarga,
Berbelanja raya biarlah dengan cermat
Jangan serdak kuih buat bekal masuk kerja.

Gondang-gondut tali kecapi,
Konyang porut suko hati,
Main Morcun, jago-jagolah jari,
Kok kono golak-kan dek orang nanti.