Thursday, November 11, 2010

Have you heard? - what have you been doing?

It is sad as most of us, ney... 99.9% of us are doing nothing to defend and support our brothers and sisters... it is a disgrace to us all.

we hide ourselves with worldly matter and possession, we like to believe that we are doing something right with the ja’maah we follow…. but all of these are true lies that without any doubt we deny any of it.

Oh what punishment will be waiting for us if not here, in there after life…. When ALLAH jalla-jallalu question us, dare we look and say that we have done what we can when our tummy are fat from too much eating?

Dare we say that we have done our best and we can’t do any more when we are strong enough to enjoy life?

We are all lying to ourself … we talk too much...

Oh ALLAH S.W.T please have mercy toward us for we are liars to our self and our own faith.