Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Has there ever been an arab army won over the Israel Defence Force (IDF)?

The answer to the above question is 'YES'.

For years we thought that the strongest nation and the strongest army in the world is the illegal Israel Nation. Yes in some sense it is true, but some histories has been kept quite from us and only available to be access if you are intrested enough. Unfortunately we are unable or unwilling to find to do it.

After the Six day war which cripple most of the arab countries, the whole arab even the whole world believe that IDF is unbeatable and the defence position constructed on the Sinai peninsular which was known as the Bar-Lev line fortifications is unbreakable. This was all until 6 October 1973.

The forces of Egypt under the command of President Anwar Sadat launch a major assault at 2PM. The assault ended on the evening of 8 October 1973 was so succesful that the result of the battle are as below:

Israel Defence Force (IDF) Casualties and Losses:
300 Tanks destroyed
3500 killed or wounded
200 captured

Egypt Army Casualties and Losses:
20 Tanks destroyed
280 killed

Taking over deep into the Sinai peninsular. This was the first ever arab country victories against the illiegal Israel nation and it was a decisive Egyptian victory.

This succesful attack was codename 'Operation Badr', it was name to the inspiry victory of 'Battle of Badar' in year 634 which coincidently also that 6 October is also the 10 of Ramadan, this is when 'Battle of Badar' took place.

"Under cover of the artillery barrage which landed smoke canisters at the crossing sites, the first wave of Egyptian assault infantry, 4,000 men, started to move across the canal in 720 dinghies, crying "Allahu Akbar...Allahu Akbar..." (God is Great)"

This was also the first battle to what is also known as the 'Yom Kippur War'.

Happy hunting.